Audio classics

EternalArts commits itself to the restoration and the repair of premium audio components. It developed a technical expertise in the reconstitution of high-class equipment. Through this specialization EternalArts is in the position to replicate even parts out of stock in the highest quality (cases, power transformers, glass fronts, high frequency filters, printed circuit boards, imprinting for parts and front panels).

We have got the ambition to get classical components in the technical condition of their early delivery and to rehabilitate them cosmetically best possibly. Our range of products offers a variety of reconstructed instruments but restorations are also carried out to customer order.

We sell reincarnations of audio legends out of all eras, as for example McIntosh, for whose quality we guarantee in the long run.

Without exaggeration we think that it will hardly be possible to find better restored classical components in the market.


Classical High End