EternalArts is dedicated to the repair and restoration of high quality classical audio components and built a high level of technical expertise in the restoration of the premium brands of hifi-equipment. Thanks to the specialization EternalArts is able to reproduce even parts are sold out in the highest quality (cabinet parts, power transformers, glass fronts, IF- filter, circuit boards, chassis, or front panel printing).

With the goal to enable audio-classics in the technical condition of their delivery and best visual work up both restorations are performed on behalf of customers, and such restored equipment offered here.


Only a few voices on the quality of our restorations:

 ...I have received master tape yesterday.
I did playing this tape with my Studer  A810 recorder.
It was very fantastic sound and pleasure.
Thank you very much for you gave me a good sound tape.
I hope would like to purchase more tape.
I don’t know about how to order another one.
Any way thank you very much for your good service.
Good luck Sir
(Wataru Inomata, Fukushima, Japan)


Just received the package today. I can see this is the luxury edition, cleans LPs nice quit compared with a HW-17 I have borrowed for the last year. I am a very satisfied buyer.
(Oluf Brix Hiltmar, Hørning, Dänemark)

I am enthusiastic about the Mc Intosh you sent to me. Have tested it extensively and must say that it sounds outstandingly. The more, it also looks excellent. Your team and you have carryed out top class work. Now I have to thank all of you sincerely for this great set.....
With kind regards from Switzerland
(Markus BĂĽri, Burgistein,

"… And what a gem you have sold me there. I have not dared to hope that the device is in such a beautiful state. Nice to look at, nice to handle (knobs turn really soft and without scraping ...). The front plate is like new. The chrome is really chromy (unlike my U.S. Model). The displays do what they do right and then this quality powercord with a really good plug. The sound? Just wonderful. Silky, high-solutioned and consistently from the bottom up a othe top. I still have the NAIM Nat 01..... the Naim is a super thing as well; technically absolutely uncompromising with an externalized power unit. Sound wise is the Naim exactly on the opposite side of the MR 71st "
(Valentin Bregy, Zurich,Switzerland)

"I wanted to give you a feedback to my ALTO amp … OVERWHELMING like NEW I am very satisfied and can only express great praise! I already know, if I have another restoration or repair, I will contact you first/ Of course recommend you as well! "
(Sven Eckhardt, Göttingen)


In a few words I have afford the tuner to me. Some time before I had a Magnum Dynalab MD 100T. Unbelievably, what a sound a tuner has, which is getting on in years and revised by you. A really great thing. This experience I did not want to deny.
(Hagen Offergeld, HĂĽnxe)

...the CD-Player arrived in good shape on Saturday. The special screws I have already sent back in the attached letter. I inspected the Player - drawer runs smoothly, lettering glows green again and your statement " plays as if it was its first day " motivated me immediately to listen to music. I am absolutely thrilled. Suddenly you hear again more details and a greater dimensionality in the sound. A very long night of music began because I had to load new CDs permanently. THANK YOU for the great restoration of my player.
(Thomas Hederer, Lauf)


Dear Dr. Schwaebe,
The A807 has arrived, and we are aligning it now. It certainly appears to be in good shape, well-maintained and restored. Thank you. We have another A807 with a defective VU meter. This is to inquire if you have access to a VU meter that we might purchase. Also, thank you for sending the information on your hi-fi equipment. It looks appealing and we may know potential customers. Again thanks.
(Mike Schatzlein, M.D., Principal The Schatzlein Solutions Group, Nashville, Tennessee, USA)



When developing high grade high end hifi and when integrating certain technical solutions, it every now and then happens to find better solutions for industrial series products. EternalArts then manufacture such upgrades and offer them to the demanding audiophile, who is satisfied with his equipment in general, however, wants to add the upgrading sonic feature on the i.


Modifications - EternalArts horn type tweeter

After several years of research on loudspeakers particularily dedicated to tube amplifiers we met the last constructions of the musically imbued self-taught artist Hans Deutsch, which convinced the traditional heavy piano maker Bösendorfer to change it into another pocket a few years ago and to operate from now on an audio division. Bösendorfer is now with the Yamaha Group.

Bösendorfer loudspeakers,  however, are some of the best converters that we have met. The concept for sound shaping resonances used in a controlled way, is unique. As a two-way system with a minimalist designed crossover emerge that way an equally explosive dynamic and filigree drawing.

We have found in years of listening tests a way to exhaust the potential of these speakers sound further. Accurately calculated by a horn mouth for the tweeter calotte there is a defined concentration of the high frequencies - Bösendorfer loudspeakersto full horn section.


Classical High End