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For the anniversary, STEREO has now also tested the OTL MkIII. The EternalArts had already shone in the laboratory with decent values ​​such as ample bandwidth, high signal-to-noise ratio and, last but not least, with an absolutely acceptable and, above all, very even distortion behavior across the performance range, it confirmed the raison d'être of its exotic concept in the listening room, in view of which we listened all the more closely: What was revealed to us there was cause for rapture...Read more about it in STEREO 3/2023.



15 years EternalArts

Once the children have turned 15, the producers have the worst behind them: There is a creature with its own contours, inside and out. During this time we raised the 'EternalArts' brand in Hanover's Isernhagen, which was intended to add a special sound to the densely populated hi-fi world.

The overture in 2008 introduced the theme, which has been varied over the years into a finely graded range of products, starting with the OTL tube amplifier based on Julius Futterman's transformerless amplification principle. We have thought through the idea of ​​the New York engineering genius who died in 1981, remedied its component-related weaknesses, but preserved the characteristic slender physicality of the musical sound. Our OTL eschew bloated sound and stick staunchly to the original event in the recording studio. Wanting to purely depict the unvarnished naturalness of the instrumental and vocal events is less a matter of course in the industry than one might think. Some may enjoy the Botox lining of amplifiers with tubes, but those who deny the effect are purists.


The special version of the OTL MkIII was ready just in time for the anniversary - of course with the circuit design that has not changed for 15 years. Our compact audiophile preamplifier module HLP, created from the development philosophy of our headphone amplifier, which is well respected everywhere, was expanded in time for the anniversary with a remarkably powerful phono section for MM and MC.


In our opinion, which is shared by more and more audiophiles, the venerable, long-dead reel-to-reel tape recorder as the mother of all modern high fidelity actually has the highest fidelity. That's why we offer those who, apart from digital magic, swear by the rock-solid qualities of a Studer, Revox, Ferrograph, Nagra or Otari, an extensive series of lovingly restored top models.


For the recording operation of tape machines without integrated level control (i.e. the normal studio device), which are increasingly being offered today after being phased out in radio stations and recording studios, we developed the neat Universal Tape Stage and placed it in a posh niche together with accessories in the form of fabulous master tape copies. The machines leave our laboratory in perfect condition, not only to radiate the fascination of the windmill-like rotating large coils, but also to be able to produce studio-ready recordings immediately.


In addition to the EternalArts devices, which are exclusively based on tube technology, the company loves the timeless classics. With the know-how of our own productions, we devote ourselves to the restoration and trade in selected treasures from HiFi history, of course refurbished - our hobby sport, so to speak. We are just as happy to take classics to the workshop to maintain their technical and visual condition, because otherwise they would not remain what the name High Fidelity promises.



HiFi Statement reviews the EternalArts HLP-P MkII. In December 2021, the HiFi Statement Netmagazine deals with the headphone amplifier/preamplifier HLP MkII, which the tester describes as "addictively musical". "The finest tonal structures are reproduced very transparently and with high resolution." The entire test can be read here.


The EternalArts Digital Tuner - listening to the radio at its highest level of evolution. In the STEREO special issue 2/2021 'HiFi exclusive', the Satellite tuner DT is voted the best radio that can be integrated as a component in your hi-fi system.

After more than five years of construction and the third edition, the EternalArts Universal Tape Stage is attracting attention again at HIFISTATEMENT as the only device of its kind in the world. Dirk Sommer has been responsible for many a tape recording for well-known record productions and has now discovered the UTS for his work with the Nagra IV-S. His impressions can be found here.


Presentation of the DAC MkII in the FONO FORUM 6-2020

For many years, the FONO FORUM has been the institution for everyone who follows the current music scene and wants to be informed about new and re-recordings of classical and jazz music. The magazine also presents selected hi-fi components in its HIFI FORUM chapter. In the June issue we are pleased that our new CD player DP DAC MkII is appreciated.


Fidelity is reviewing the DAC MkII in issue 4-2020

Now also the author magazine 'Fidelity', which appreciated our DP DAC MkII so much that it gave it an award. For more than the overall conclusion that you are dealing with a multiple talent that can also appear agile beyond the CD and its limited resolution, read the latest issue 49.

Image hifi 2/2020 - DAC MkII in the test

The author magazine image hifi deals with our new offspring in its 2/2020 issue with many wonderful pictures. The author obviously did not have an easy time to disconnect from the device:

'I had another tear in my buttonhole when I had to pack the DP DAC MkII and send it back to the editorial office. I don't know of a better CD player in this price range that also succeeds as an excellent DAC '. More here .......


Test of the DAC MkII in Stereoplay issue 03-2020

Our new one seems to be arriving. This month stereoplay, the magazine for the technical dimension of hi-fi, is also dealing with the EternalArts DP DAC MkII. She considers the device to be a 'classic win-win situation, supported by the test subject's fast, fluid and pearly sound, which guarantees long-term listening pleasure.' Here you can read .....


DP DAC MkII in stereo issue 3/2020 in the test

The well-known hi-fi magazine STEREO is testing our new DP DAC MkII in its new issue 3/2020 and comes to the conclusion that the EternalArts player with its new type is a welcome addition to the CD player choir. We can recommend reading this article and the whole issue to anyone interested in our new product.


Presentation of the Universal Tape Stage in HiFi & Musik issue 01-2020

Joachim Pfeiffer's visually powerful HiFi & Musik Journal discovered our Universal Tape Stage and subjected it to a test, the first part of which can be found in the 01-2020 issue. The purchase of this magazine is also highly recommended because of its other articles on the subject of 'Classic HIFi'.


EternalArts goes digital ...

With the new DP DAC MkIIwith tube output stage, EternalArts is introducing the first component that is both a CD player and a digital analogue converter. After conversion by a Burr Brown PCM 1796, the CD player with a pure audio drive transmits its analog signal to the sonically superior tube output stage, which is also found in the high-end digital player DP, the high-end satellite tuner and the universal tape stage Performed service. The integrated DAC accepts external digital signals from the computer via USB, coaxially via cinch or optically via Toslink, but converts them with a Wolfson WM8805 before sending them to the cinch output via the tube output stage.

The test of the new EternalArts DP DAC MkII can be found here ...


hiFi & records - HLP in the test - Issue 04-19

Here you can find the test report of the HLP


stereoplay - HLP in the test - issue 08-19

With its direct, impulsive and very colorful sound, the HLP takes a stand: It is neither neutral without obligation nor characterless to the point of self-denial, but adheres closely to the "family sound" of Eternal Arts Electronics. Read more...


Image hifi - HLP / OTL MkIII combination in the test - issue 4-19

In issue 4/2019 of image hifi, we are delighted with the test of our new pre- and power amplifier combination HLP / OTL MkIII, for which the author Ekkehard Strauss, a professional sound engineer, came to the following conclusion, among other things: "EternalArts is a seldom encountered with this amplifier combination A successful balancing act: Accuracy, acceleration speed and a high degree of neutrality are paired with Burkhardt Schwäbe's OTL concepts with a blaze of color and beauty that I cannot avoid seeing the prices as a gift to all audiophile music fans. "

But read here for yourself the differentiated presentation of the tonal merits of our dream combination .....


Presentation of the double LP "Klangraumwelten" in image hifi 3/2019

Vinyl lovers can finally look forward to a more than special compilation from Eternal Arts. Most of the titles are already on tape, as copies of the master tapes. Now they appear in a limited edition of 500 copies as a double LP. Read more...


HIFISTATEMENT - OTL tube amplifier - a listening experience

The second part [of the] report on the diverse activities of EternalArts in Hanover-Isernhagen deals today with tube amplifiers based on the OTL principle. This was developed in the 1950s and is as rare today as it is worth experiencing. Click here for the article ...


The Pavarotti tapes are now here.

First presented at this year’s High End, and now available for purchase!
Order via us
EUR 480,00  (incl. VAT)

An unique opportunity for all fans of analogue master-tape copies.


At the time of his artistic life, Pavarotti requested a personal tape recording of his performances that were then handed over to him after each concert. These tapes were donated by his widow to the trustworthy Pavarotti Foundation. They were all archived but deteriorated over time due to age. In order to preserve the collection, they reached out to a competent partner and found such in the name of Hemiolia records. They recommended, fully understanding the value of these recordings, that they were made available to a small circle of audiophiles. They were awarded the marketing rights.

Sonically these recordings are a pure delight - a must have for everybody who enjoys Pavarotti and who already appreciates the outstanding quality of a master-tape copy.


Presentation of our new premises on April 12th, 2018


The cooperation between Live Act Audio and the tube manufacturer EternalArts had been announced for a long time, the completion of the presentation rooms will be opened in an opening gala with live music.
Read more ...



Ten years EternalArts

Dr. Burkhardt Schwäbe has a special status in the hi-fi scene for a long time. Nobody else stands for modern audio technology and outdated, but endearing treasures from studio technology and home audio at the same time. Read more...


Golden Ear (Goldenes Ohr) from stereoplay for the EternalArts TTP 

Our new headphone amplifier was well received by the readers of stereoplay and won second place at the award ceremony 2018 for the Golden Ear. We are delighted and thank all stereoplay readers who have chosen our device.


Test of the Eternal Arts OTL Monoblock Mk II in Stereoplay 12/2017

This time the Stereoplay dealt extensively with the test of the Eternal Arts Monoblock MkII. A very interesting article with a clear conclusion.


A Test on the TTP in Audio 11/2017

In the current issue of AUDIO, this time the focus is on testing the TTP headphone amplifier. This can convince the testers all along the line and so they come to the conclusion ... "The result was uplifting! Wonderful transparency landscapes opened up, paired with airy openness and a pinch of tube melt." Test of the new OTL Mk III in stereoplay 10/2016



Test of the new OTL Mk III in stereoplay 10/2016

Read everything about the brand new OTL MkIII in the current issue of stereoplay. Here the new creation from EternalArts is put through its paces.



EternalArts PAS, TMC and Universal Tape Stage


Good news for all friends of cultivated listening pleasure: The EternalArts turntable motor control TMC as well as the stereo power amplifier PAS 'magic eye' are available now, the EternalArts Universal Tape Stage from the end of September!  Make sure to get your device.


EternalArts OTL Mk III

After eight years of constructing the EternalArts OTL Mk II Stereo, the pure power amplifier OTL Mk III was presented at this year's High End, which was examined in the October issue of stereoplay. The stereoplay tube expert Roland Kraft enthusiastically said: "Sensationally good, extremely transparent and dynamic-sounding OTL tube, which of course requires rather high-impedance, not too 'quiet' loudspeakers." "And you can enjoy music at a sound level that is far above the investment. A crystal-clear case for a highlight." We are very proud of the classification in the absolute top class.  Learn more.



Stereo power amplifier PAS ,magic eye'

The stereo power amplifier developed by EternalArts is suitable for all musical situations. It is a classic, discretely constructed transistor output stage in a double-mono construction with a level display that can be switched off via 'magic fans'. More information can be found here.



The new EternalArts turntable motor control TMC

Find out everything about the brand new EternalArts turntable motor control TMC. There is nothing that drives a turntable more smoothly than this OTL. To the product page.



The EternalArts Universal Tape Stage

After the first presentation at this year's High End, now available from the beginning of September - EternalArts Universal Tape Stage. The perfect solution for integrating ANY professional tape machine into the audiophile hi-fi system. More about this on the following page...



To a certain extent, in addition to the development and production of the EternalArts HiFi components, we had the idea more than a year ago to create a classical musical instrument exclusively based on tonal properties. The Stutz grand piano EternalArts Grand Piano168 was born. The professional pianist and professor Paola Antoniacomi was so enthusiastic about its tonal properties that she came to record it. A master tape with pieces by Bach, Mozart, Schumann, Debussy, Schubert, Chopin, Scarlatti and Cesar Franck was created using the Nagra IV-S and Neumann microphones. Now a YouTube video introduces the EternalArts grand piano and high-end components.....


image hifi Award 2016

On the occasion of the High End this year we were given the image hifi Award 2016 in the headphone amplifier category for our Twin Type Professional. Thank you very much for this great award.


A new Test of the TTP in der Ear In 2/2016

Here, the crème de la crème in the field of music enjoyment via headphones consisting of the TTP combined with the Sennheiser HD800S is examined. „This combination [...] sets a benchmark in terms of sound that is difficult to beat […]"


Golden Ear (Goldenes Ohr) from stereoplay for the EternalArts TTP

Our new headphone amplifier was well received by the readers of stereoplay and won second place at this year's award ceremony for the Golden Ear. We are delighted and thank all stereoplay readers who have chosen our device.


Test of the TTP in STEREO 3/2016

"Schwäbe's latest creation masters timbres inside out, and the compact nobleman also impresses dynamically. [...] In this discipline, the Eternal Arts leaves all the competitors gathered here behind." Read more in issue 3/2016 on page 28ff.


Findings in the net - presentation of the TTP

By browsing through the net we encountered this introduction of the TTP from  To the article

The TTP is tested in image hifi 05/2015

This time, image hifi has a very comprehensive and interesting article about the historical development, the exceptional technology and the unbelievably powerful sound of the TTP headphone amplifier. Anyone who simply has to know why Dr. Burkhardt Schwäbe has devoted himself to tube technology all these years must read this story!

Another test of TTP

When a writer at a highly respected trade magazine which deals with the very top-shelf audio products that manufacturers have to offer every day comes out and says that [...] the KHV Twin Type Professional is simply the best headphone amplifier that I have ever had the pleasure to try [...], you have to be talking about something very special. In the latest issue of Fidelity 04/2015, you can read why Stefan Gawlick is so taken with the TTP. It is an article that is very informative and worth reading. See for yourself.

The new TTP headphone amplifier

What will you conjure up if you try to enhance something so technically refined as the KVH? ... That's right, the new twin type professional headphone amplifier from EternalArts. One eye-catching feature is the double configuration with balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs. Furthermore, the balanced input is designed for extremely high studio levels, making the TTP an ideal component for professional users. In their latest issue 06/2015, the experts at stereoplay come to one clear conclusion: [...] perfection, pure and simple! [...]. To the test.

HLP and PAS tested in LP

The 01/2015 issue of LP contains a test of HLP with its teammate the new PAS. Here, the duo shows off its technical qualities as well as its exceptional sound. To the test.

First-class sound with transistors?

Technically speaking, they are worlds apart, the HLP and the new Power Amplifier Stereo (PAS). The HLP puts its faith in tubes. But not EternalArts. With its PAS, the brand goes in a completely different direction by using transistors. But can the new guy in town live up to the high expectations? This is exactly the question that the experts at Fidelity posed in the issue 06/2014. Their conclusion was quite clear!

Image HiFi tests EternalArts' Tube Digital Player DP

In the issue 06/2014, Image HiFi put the Digital Player DP made by EternalArts through its paces. A great and very informative article... See for yourself


West German HiFi Days 2014

After two days and over 4000 visitors, the West German HiFi Days came to an end. Here the visitors could devote themselfs extensively to their passion, the top sound. And that was once again confirmed by the EternalArts demonstrations. Pictures of the West German HiFi Days can be found here, here and here.


EternalArts HLP – high-level preamp with headphone amp now available!

It's finally here: the new EternalArts HLP high-level preamplifier is available. The EternalArts combination of a high-end preamp with a headphone amplifier transfers the ingenious Futterman idea of ​​a transformerless tube amplifier to a compact, puristic high-end control center for all types of power amplifiers and active monitors. And just as pleasing - the EternalArts power amplifier PSA in the form of the Digital Tuner DT or the Digital Player DP will follow in a few weeks!


EternalArts at the High End 2014 in Munich

Also this year EternalArts was represented with a stand at the High End. The brand new EternalArts HLP high-level preamp with headphone amplifier could also be admired here and convinced visitors of its fabulous sound.


Headphone-annual 2013/2014 presented reviws of KHV and KHV basic line

End of 2013 the magazines AUDIO and stereoplay composed a ranking of all Headphone amplifiers in their annual special edition 'Headphone-annual 2013/2014'. Both KHV-amplifier are placed in the reference class.

Headphone Magazine 'in ear' reviews EternalArts KHV

The brand new magazine especially for head-listeners is reviewing in its first edition our headphones amplifier KHV: "From Eternal Arts amplifiers we are used to it, an the headphone amp is no exception. Total silence: with no signal at the input silence dominates. If you connect a singal source you can hear its hum and noise but nothing else ... Requirements? Nothing. If you can live without tangible push, this combination (together with the Sennheiser HD800) is an option at the highest level for speaker reproduction."

FIDELITY introduced the EternalArts Monos

Cai Brockmann is humanizing  the EternalArts mono blocs in Issue 4/2013. On the crucial question of all audiophiles: does OTL sound better? he replies openly with a "Yes! Of the Eternal Arts OTL MB I let myself always like to - to put it a little prosaic express - kidnap to the core of the music. Instead of 'transfer Rang' they offer real tube sound, so if you want. A quite expensive, but magnificent fun!The article you must have been read ....

STEREO reviewed EternalArts Digital Tuner DT

"DVB via satellite is the best way to receive radio. Only there are unfortunately no DVB tuner with audiophile claim. The "DT" by Eternal Arts is one of the few. ... EternalArts thus has created the ultimate tuner - for radio fans a dream come true. ... Audio-only receiver for digital satellite radio at the highest level.Read more in issue 7/2013 STEREO

EternalArts to win image hifi award 2013

We are very proud to be amongst the this year's award winners as only the very best out of the squad of the best receive this nationally and internationally demanded accolade of image hifi. On the occasion of the big image gala on May 10th, 2013, (during the this year's High End) the goblet from glas was submitted.

AUDIOphile reviewed EternalArts Digital Player DP 

"The Digital Player DP just enchanted with its special tube fire and let us turn the volume control of the Ayre preamp move to the right. [...]

Stirring poached this dense sound carpet, permanently changing in speed and variation into the ear canals, that it was a pleasure. Devoid of any artificiality and with great plasticity the player gives hours of pleasure that the time moved smoothly in the background." Want more? Read the article in issue 2/2013 AUDIOphile just released.

AUDIOphile reviewed EternalArts OTL-Mono Blocs

"The Super-Mono-Amps - a dream thanks to the output transformerless principle!" This is the opinion of the author Andreas Günther in the new magazine AUDIOphile 1/2012  issued these days, describing his experiences of the big EternalArts amps together with the EternalArts Dipole loudspeaker. "As brutally and honestly as possible we would have to say: For a journalist it comes close to torture - since these power amplifiers elude any fault-finding or restriction. The Eternal Arts monos are free from weeknesses, unassailable - no lime leaf on the back." And more: "Besides all their benefits the OTL monos are superb modellers, too - the room is not anatomised , this is not a relief, but a true, three-dimensional sculpture. In spite of the political nature of the subject: Who has ever experienced this art of sound, will never again yearn for music in multichannel."

EternalArts to win stereoplay readers'  election

As in the years before, the hifi magzines stereoplay and AUDIO invited all readers to elect the sets of the past year in November/December 2011. 25.000 readers took part in the election. In stereoplay Eternal Arts' headphone amp KHV 'basic line' achieved the second place in the final ranking.

In AUDIO the Eternal Arts Dipol competed within a field of almost 30 top-notch speakers. Due to its unique features the Dipol rose above most of the competitors despite their popularity and their manufacturer's boosted marketing budgets. A remarkable 5th place was the result.         

STEREO is testing the new "basic line"

In issue 2 /2012, the well-known hi-fi magazine shows once more the lively interest in high-quality headphones and headphone amplifiers and introduces with the KHV "basic line" and the Lehmann Linear SE, two high-class technologically independent experts. In the rehearsal with the Sennheiser HD800, which acted as unerring work device, the EternalArts convincingly demonstrated its musical qualities. That the transistorized rival "as fervently played music, not restored the room smaller," then surprised the tester, which led to ascribe the latter one more point. This surprised us as well!

Hifi tunes "The Reader" with an ode to hifi-classics has been released!

A differentiated view on our desire for sound perfection, and the value of technological progress presents Dr. Burkhardt Schwäbe in the current book of the series hifi tunes. He comes to the conclusion that we should abandon the illusion that new technology is always the best. He also published in this volume a tribute to his first boss Max Grundig.

EternalArts in Austria!

on December 5, 2011 EternalArts and d-t-s Maggi KG concluded a marketing contract for the exclusive marketing of EternalArts in Austria. The hi-fi and home cinema specialist based in the Gerbergasse 31 in A-9500 Villach, only sells the finest audio and video products from brands with world-class, and we are delighted to have won this competent partner for the care of EternalArts in our neighbouring country. The EternalArts OTL headphone amplifiers are marketed by Sennheiser Sales & Service in Germany. The distribution of the EternalArts components in Switzerland and Liechtenstein is in the hands of Bleuel Electronic AG.

HiFi-STARS presents KHV "professional"

HiFi-STARS compares in its 13th issue the new "professional" with the KHV recently discussed. Harald Obst comes to the conclusion that "the EternalArts 'KHV professional' is a tube headphone amplifier of absolute top class". Its professional virtues in the studio environment, the author found in the analytical capabilities of the device to detect relentlessly recording defects.

Successful Debut for EternalArts in Switzerland

At the High End Swiss 2011 EternalArts for the first time was demonstrated to a large interested audience. Our entrepreneurial partner Bleuel Electronic aroused the media interest and promptly hit the Swiss internet platform avguide (news from the hifi / multimedia electronics industry). To get to the video just click on the image.

The EternalArts video is advertised with an own teaser banner across the entire avguide website in the sidebar and of course it is also integrated into the Bleuel website.The video was already uploaded on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo. Together with Bleuel Electronic we are pleased about this start!

KHV tested in Swiss Internet Magazine

Probably the most detailed and comprehensive testreport about the KHV was published by the well known Swiss Internet magazine. Who wants to learn everything about the headphone amplifier can read about it by clicking on the image.

KHV "basic line" in a first comparison test at stereoplay!

We almost could not believe it - there had to pass four whole years until stereoplay, the magazine for "the technical dimension of HiFi," an EternalArts component underwent a test. The editorial hijacked four candidates of the top class from Germany to a comparison in laboratory and listening room, and came with all due fairness to the conclusion that although there are much less expensive competitors,  none of its colleagues from the semiconductor group in particular with the Sennheiser HD800 could make such a captivating performance.

EternalArts KHV und Sennheiser HD800 in HiFi exklusiv: "Die besten Geräte fürs große Erlebnis"

Im gerade herausgegebenen STEREO-Sonderheft HiFi exklusiv 1/2012 lädt die Redaktion zum Erlebnistrip ein, wobei weder der KHV noch der HD800 fehlen durften. Wir laden Sie ein, den Test des KHV und den Test des HD800 nachzulesen.

The new "basic line" reviewed in Audiophile 03/2011

Listening via headphones is the most original form of audiophile pleasure. Yet, even purism can be increased: by a transformer-less triode amp. Read the story of a small, affordable dream combo. Read the article here.

EternalArts offers two further headphone amplifiers
of the absolute top class

No matter who called it out - the EternalArts OTL-headphone amplifier KHV presented a year ago gained the reputation as the best-sounding headphone amplifier in the market. Its construction and its quality materials, however, had a high price. With the aim to create far more cost-effective yet high quality, EternalArts now presented the KHV "basic line" and KHV "professional".

High praise for OTL headphone amplifier by hifi & records in 3 / 2011

"In comparison to all transistor concepts it is far ahead in terms of colour, size and flow of the music. And it beats the tube competition with its immense precision and rock-solid grip even in the lowest octaves," wrote Stefan Gawlick in the just-published magzine. We are excited about it.

HiFi STARS examines the KHV of EternalArts

"The new KHV by EternalArts - especially in the perfectly matching duo with the Sennheiser HD800 - is a thoroughly convincing case for the head-listening!... this headphone amplifier just does everything right, he will captivate you with its enormous homogenity."

EternalArts now represented in Switzerland

On April 29, 2011 Bleuel Electronic AG and EternalArts stepped into a distribution agreement for the exclusive marketing of EternalArts products in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Bleuel is a trading house based in Unterengstringen at Zurich for years, that offers sales and consulting of high-quality products in the electronics and consumer electronics in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein as a general representative of renowned brands such as SENNHEISER, Neumann, ELAC and ERSA etc. We are delighted to have won Bleuel as a competent and product enthusiastic partner.

 KHV "Reference" with AUDIO also

AUDIO has also tested the EternalArts OTL-headphone amplifier now. It moved with 110 points in the reference class: "But those who hear classical music and have an HD800, will hardly find a headphone amplifier that reproduces music with such a blaze of color and detail." More in issue 5 / 2011.

EternalArts KHV "Top- reference" with STEREO

"The sound of the KHV has proven its special status: While most competitors present explicit strengths in one area or another, the KHV fascinated with a homogeneity in all the properties, that none of the other candidates had known how to counter. It was the at first completely seemingly unspectacular replay, which was found with increasing residence time under the headphones as a refreshing change to the rest of the tests." In the test of headphone amplifiers in Issue 4 / 2011 STEREO let ten top-notch representatives of this species to compete against one another, in which the EternalArts KHV among the purely analogue devices enjoyed most.

Image hifi discovers EternalArts amplifier

With the encouraging message of greeting to dynamic head-phones - ", listen up: Here comes the best thing that can happen to you right now!" - Cai Brockmann directs a report on his experience EternalArts OTL-headphone amplifier KHV. Rarely has a candidate spent so long in an editorial office, until it's impressions were put to paper. Behind the scenes it was said that the author was seen so often with "sound caps" on duty and in private like never before. How Orpheus, the singer from the Greek mythology, got a new address, please read in the March / April issue on page 110th

AUDIO places EternalArts Dipole after review in the reference class.

“Three Dipoles – three principles”. In the February 2011 issue, the fantastic Apogee Scintilla Mark IV, the great Hybrid Electrostatic from Martin Logan and the noticeable, inconspicuous EternalArts Dipole were compared along with comprehendible basic technical information. Malte Ruhnke states on the latter loudspeaker: “The bass reach did not have any audible limit. Every bass note was expressed with such a perfect accuracy that I was speechless” Read the article to find out more.

hifi & records presents the EternalArts Dipole

hifi & records informs in their special loudspeaker issue extensively on the different loudspeaker types and explores the dipole principles. The same “amazingly light behaviour” that earned the large idol, Ecouton TransAir its pole position, is attributed to the EternalArts dipole. Wilfried Kress writes “It’s with transparency, ease, airiness that the loudspeaker produces such music in its stride”.

LP reviews the Headphone amplifier KHV

“A match made in heaven’, is the title of the Review in the 6/2010 issue of the LP magazine that tested the OTL headphone amplifier. Holger Barske states “the Eternal-Arts-OTL amplifier and the Sennheiser HD 800 is a loudspeaker-less dream team. Being extremely easy, light-footed and relaxed, this form of reproduction has no weaknesses and is not tiresome”. Nice sideline: The HD 800 fan club has now a new member.

HIFI-STARS reviews the dipole loudspeaker.

In the 8/2010 issue of HIFI-STARS, Alexander Aschenbrunner writes about the dipole loudspeaker. He explains clearly the working principle, and gives tips on how to best position the dipole loudspeaker: “For those who have enough space (at least 30sqm or preferably more), this is an excellent alternative to the normal loudspeaker designs.” As HIFI STARS tested the loudspeaker in conjunction with the FTP preamplifier and the OTL monos, they could give a first assessment of an entire Eternal Arts system: “The EternalArts system revealed in a most compelling way, how airy and realistic music reproduction can be made in an enclosed room. An entirely compatible system!”

Hifi & records review the EternalArts Mono blocks

In their third issue of 2010, hifi & records reviews the EternalArts mono blocks and discovers for themselves and their readers the development capability of the OTL principles. The monos were measured at 86 watt with a 8 ohm impedance at only 1% distortion. As the OTL behaves exactly the opposite way to a standard solid state amplifier, i.e. it increases its output, the higher the impedance, it becomes clear how well suited - 160 OTL watt - these amplifiers are for the 16 ohm dipole loudspeaker from the same company. And this with 1% distortion and not three and more % as so often quoted. Wilfried Kress adds “and these monos have enough power for normal loudspeakers and can show what OTLs can sonically achieve”.

Image hifi reviews the dipole loudspeaker DPL.

In their latest issue 4/2010, the EternalArts dipole loudspeaker wins the pole position in the ‘air-ness’ capability of loudspeakers. Cai Brockmann nails the principles and construction of the EternalArts speakers and discovers that combined with the correct electronics and positioning the “music releases itself totally from the speakers, the instruments and vocals are so clearly focussed with so much air to present themselves in such a deep and broad soundstage that there’s a risk of becoming addicted. On top the ‘small’ dipole manages the deep bass tones with tremendous dynamics with such ease that it’s difficult to imagine how slim and compact the dipole looks in the lounge setting”.

HIFI-STARS reviews the EternalArts OTL MkII

The title of the EternalArts “Klangwunder” CD was chosen by Alexander Aschenbrunner as the title of his review of the EternalArts MKII in the 07/2010 issue of HIFI-STARS –  impressed with the music compilation – he writes about the finesse and detail of the stereo power amplifier. “stabile sonic foundations support the very special listening experience. This is in summary the quintessence of the listening sessions with the OTL creation from Eternal Arts.”

Article about the eternal life of tubes and the appearance of the OTL headphone amplifier in "hifi tunes"- Tube Book 2

Dr. Burkhardt Schwäbe describes in the just published hifi tunes tube book 2, the appearance of the Fine Arts Esoteric Line CD-tube amplifier from Grundig, which was in the market 20 years ago, followed by the development of the EternalArts OTL-headphone amplifier today and conjures out with a review from the future eternal life of tube amplifiers. Definite and profound about our delusion that always only what's new is what we need.

EternalArts at the High End 2010 in Munich

At the stand in Hall 3, all EternalArts components could be reviewed. The new products were developed with the Restek CD player DP and the OTL headphone amplifier, which had been developed on the specifications of the dynamic top-notch-headphones HD800 from Sennheiser. Because basically everything has to go wrong before a fair, as it were the exhibition equipment got done at the last minute and prevented the timely construction of the EternalArts booth. As a reward, the show devices played at the Sennheiser booth very convincing and provided a splendid start of the OTL headphone amplifier in the EternalArts program. More images: Image 2 and Image 3

EternalArts Dipole DPL - first public demonstration

On the occasion of the North German HiFi-day at the Holiday Inn in Hamburg on 6 and 7 February played the new Dipole speaker with the OTL-monos to the fascination of the guests, despite unfavorable hotel room conditions. Although only for six guests a reasonably acceptable seating available for listening was, the listeners standing at the site reported about the fascination of the resolution and spatial representation of the new EternalArts-teammate.

Fairaudio discovers EternalArts Prototype

This had to happen! The on the occasion of the World-of-HiFi in Dortmund (28 and 29/11/09) for the first time shown sensational new development in the sector speakers, the EternalArts Dipole DL, was discovered by the enterprising magazine fairaudio. Read here the revelation story...

LP test report about FTP and OTL mono blocs

"...without any doubt the EternalArts-combination belongs to the most fascinating amplifiers we ever had in our listening studio", is the final wording of the test issued in 6/2009 of LP Magazins. Please read here.

HIFI-STARS reports about FTP

In their latest issue 04 / 2009 the new life style magazine highlighted the FTP. Wolfgang Vogel strongly recommends a rehearsal date.


hifi & records to review OTL Mk II

"With this amplifier music becomes sound and sound becomes music. The EternalArts will yield many devotees who please combine it with appropriate loudspeakers", Wilfried Kress stated in  issue 03/2009 of the magazine hifi & records. Read what he thought about the Amplifier...

image hifi to review EternalArts FTP

image hifi made an extensive review of the Full Tube Preamplifier. Read here what the famous tube addict Roland Kraft discovered....

Article about Julius Futterman in "hifi tunes - Das Klassikerbuch", November 2008 

Dr. Burkhardt Schwäbe is reporting about the life work of Julius Futterman in the book series hifi tunes, latest edition about hifi classics. Please read the article (English translation from page 13) here and learn why Futterman´s genious priciple became the basis of the hifi brand EternalArts.

Test report of the OTL Mk II in LP 6/2008

First Review of the EternalArts OTL Mk II in LP, the magazine for analogue hifi & vinyl culture. Follow chief editor Holger Barske and his impressions when getting in touch with
the EternalArts OTL Mk II.....

 Test report of the OTL Mk II in image hifi 6/2008

Futterman revival - after announcement in issue 5/2008, the comprehensive test report in issue 6/2008 of image hifi, the audiophile authors´ magazine. Tube expert Roland Kraft carefully examines the EternalArts OTL Mk II ... Review

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