EternalArts Full Tube Preamplifier FTP


The FTP extends the EternalArts series by a modern version of a classical Stereo preamplifier, which is completely based on tubes. It combines versatile equipment and modern ease of use with exquisite tube sound. Thanks to its design and tonal capabilities, it sets a new benchmark for preamplifiers with tube technology and it will make history.

A full-featured  premium class preamplifier, operating totally on vacuum tube technology– refined through up-to-date technology and manufacturing. Designed with two high quality, variable phono-input-stages as reference to Vinyl-Enthusiasts.The possibility to adjust these for nearly every pick-up system by altering their input impedance and their input capacity is especially interesting for vinyl listeners.

Technical Data
Concept Dual Mono
Circuit arrangement PCBs with gold plated 70µ tracks
Tube power supply regulated, centrally positioned, with mu-metal shilded torroidal transformer
Inputs High level: 4; 1 balanced
Phono: 2; switchable MC/MM
MC-1: input transfomer, MC-2: tube
Outputs 3; 1 balanced
frequency response 20 - 20.000 Hz +/- 0,3 dB
THD < 0,09%
Signal-to-noise ratio 74 dB phono MM + MC / 89 dB high level

Subject to change without notice

Without a correct completion of the pick-up system errors of multiple decibels are generated, which lead to considerable tone discrepancies. The capacity is important for magnetic systems. The resonant circuit is created by the inductance of the coil in the cartridge together with the completion capacity. It causes a resonance magnification, which has to be an exact frequency defined by the cartridge to produce the optimal sound. The capacity is the sum of the capacities of the pick-up arm, cable and amplifier input, which can be “seen” by the cartridge. If a dynamic cartridge (Moving Coil) is used, the correct input resistance determines the sound, because the input capacity has less influence because of the dynamic cartridge´s lower generator output impedance.

Extraordinary diversity for analogue sources

Furthermore, the Eternal Arts FTP ends the discussion whether the dynamic cartridge’s fine signal is more authentic through an input transformer or whether it should be amplified by a tube-stage. One Moving Coil input is designed with a transformer, while the other one is designed transformerless. To be able to enjoy even records of earlier eras, the FTP has been fitted with a low-cut and a high-cut filter, which can be adjusted subtly, but effectively considering frequency and slew rate.

A tape-loop-circuitry was devoted to the fans of classic tape recorders, which offers a fixed level monitor device. A voltage controller in the regulated tube power supply is another special finesse, which grants the ability to gently boot up the tubes and significantly increases the tube service life. Only the finest parts have been used for this construction. An Alps motor potentiometer allows a completely analogue volume control via the remote control, which also manages muting and the display tubes.

The input signal is displayed by the fascinating “magic eyes” EM80. The input and large signal amplification happen depending on the channel in a PC88, a PCF80 and two PCC88. The power supply is equipped with GZ34, 6EM7 and 0D3A. All tubes are new and from classical brands e.g. Valvo, Philips, Telefunken. Although classic tubes have a very long service life, the tubes used here are still available on the market.


Classical High End