EternalArts OTL Mark II


Julius Futterman´s cicuitry is as ingenius as simple: the speakers are directly connected without an output transformer. Consequently, the impulsivity is considerably higher and the reproduction of the wave form of the musical signals is more accurate. A circuitry without an output transformer has the advantage of lower and upper threshold frequencies because no limitations through winding capacitance and leakage inductance of the transformer become operative. 

Technical Data

Max. output

2 x 30  watts at 8 ohm
2 x 55 watts  at 16 ohm
1 x 100 watts at 8 ohm
Frequency response (± 1 dB) 10 - 100.000 Hz
Signal/noise ratio (15 w) 79 dB

Damping factor
(100 Hz, 1 w, 8 ohms)

Input impedance 10 kOhm
Weight 16 kg

Subject to change without notice

EternalArts takes the idea on and ennobles it with the latest technology and highest manufacturing quality. You obtain a modern instrument with the advantages of the original circuitry. Conoisseurs of an OTL´s phenomenal tonal abilities will appreciate this property.

Fourfold power output as monoblocks

Using two OTL MK II as monoblocks, the rated output of 2 x 30 watts can be quadrupled to 2 x 100 watts. We extensively tested this mode and recommend it for continuous operation without restrictions. With this enormous performance, the OTL is even able to drive speakers of lower efficiency offered internationally. This variation is basis of the OTL mono blocs.

Precious manufacturing

In a development phase of four years we have optimized the apparatus. The glossy powder-coated design, the heavy gilded brass front and the aesthetic positioning of transformers, condensers and tubes form a harmonious and animated image. Two perforated protection covers (removable) for the tubes are parts of the amplifier. The circuitry was modified technically. In place of the American 6FS5, the popular European dual triode ECC82 is responsible or the phase splitting. The three printed circuit boards are printed with gold plated 70µ-tracks. The toroid transformer from German specialist Transtec performs 650 VA and provides heating voltages for both, the EL-tetrode and its PL-version. We either surrender the OTL MK II on request with the Svetlana EL-509 or with the PL-519 out of former Siemens fabrication. Functional stability and tonal harmony were most important for the development. Diligent work of the engineers and particular know-how from the early days of tube development effectuated the unique ease and remarkable musical balance of the OTL MK II.

EternalArts OTL Mark III

With the development of the OTL Mk III the aim was to present a technically equal, equally noble, but optically simpler model. By revising and selecting alternative materials for the front and covers as well as dispensing with the ALPS-potentiometer, this simpler version was created as a pure power amplifier.

Since we generally pursue a long running time with our devices without changes, we have received lower prices from our suppliers and passed these on directly to our customers.


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