Modifications - EternalArts horn type tweeter


After several years of research on loudspeakers particularily dedicated to tube amplifiers we met the last constructions of the musically imbued self-taught artist Hans Deutsch, which convinced the traditional heavy piano maker Bösendorfer to change it into another pocket a few years ago and to operate from now on an audio division. Bösendorfer is now with the Yamaha Group.

Bösendorfer loudspeakers,  however, are some of the best converters that we have met. The concept for sound shaping resonances used in a controlled way, is unique. As a two-way system with a minimalist designed crossover emerge that way an equally explosive dynamic and filigree drawing.

We have found in years of listening tests a way to exhaust the potential of these speakers sound further. Accurately calculated by a horn mouth for the tweeter calotte there is a defined concentration of the high frequencies - Bösendorfer loudspeakersto full horn section.


Even better performance

Acoustic quality With EternalArts Horn
Keynote-character unchanged
Dimensional representation improved
Tweeter range finer resolution
Driver used  Original Bösendorfer



The energy of the high frequencies will now be carried further into the room and the speaker is  that way shown to it's advantage even in large rooms. At close range, the Bösendorfer loudspeakers become a listening Monitor.

There are two versions: 24 carat gold plated solid brass and matte blackpowder-coated aircraft-grade aluminum. The EternalArts Horn uses the originalBösendorfer tweeters as drivers so that they won't lose any of their basic sound features. Your dealer is removing your tweeter carefully and sends it to Audiophile Gateway. The from us modified driver will then be build in  again. Since the original tweeters play your speakers will not need to be re-adjusted, and you can indulge once again the musical enjoyment.

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