EternalArts OTL Mono Blocs MB


Following the tradition of the amplifier line of the great Julius Futterman, the new EternalArts OTL Mono Blocs succeeded his famous models on the occasion of the High End 2009 in Munich. Julius Futterman named his very powerful mono amplifiers H-3aa. The EternalArts mono blocs are the forceful upgrade of the proven, highly stable and effective advancement of the EternalArts OTL circuitry variation.

After several real life tests of the OTL Mk II, in which two OTL Stereo-amplifiers were configurated in parallel,  we could discover the same sonic virtues for which the Mk II is praised. As entry stage and driver have been powerful enough to also feed the main amplifier section with eight beam power tetrodes, the monos were designed with the same technical elements and parts used in the OTL Mk II. They now round up the line for higher demand for power output.                  

More details

Technical Data
Max.Output Power 

100 watts at 8 ohms

180 watts at 16 ohms

Frequency range  (- 3 dB) 8 - 100.000 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio (15 W) 75 dB

Damping factor

(100 Hz, 1 w, 8 ohms)

Input impedance 220.000 ohms

Input sensitivity

(Rated output, 8 ohms)

5 V eff.

Power consumption

(min./ max.)

150 / 600 w
Weight 16 kg

(Subject to change without notice)

The mono blocs contain the same electronic devices, the same power supply, the same tube compliment  as the OTL Mk II, however, are designed for higher demand for power. Therefore the interaction between an OTL and an even bigger selection of speaker cabinets and those of lower efficiency  becomes reality. There is actually no tube amplifier in the world providing a damping factor higher than the EternalArts mono bloc, prerequisite for perfect woofer control and jet-black bass response.

Unlike the OTL Mk II the mono blocs do not provide a volume control pot, thus require a high grade preamplifier like the EternalArts FTP which was developed hand in hand for best possible compliance.                                                                



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