EternalArts Dipol


Just as a transformer-less (OTL) tube amplifier comes closest to the goal of having a wide open dynamic, accurate music reproduction, a loudspeaker cabinet that does not influence the sound has proved a stubborn challenge for both, loudspeaker designers and audiophiles.

EternalArts has, in collaboration with the renowned loudspeaker manufacturer 'ECOUTON Audiolabor' newly interpreted the principle of an open system in a compact 3-way dipole loudspeaker.
The result is a 16 ohms fullrange dipole with dimensions of 125,5 x 37 x 26 cm. In its impressive piano black laquered finish, it must be one of the most compact grand loudspeaker systems available and with its high impedance, it is an ideal partner for our OTL amplifiers and of course for any other high quality tube amplifier.


Technical specifications

3-way-fullrange dipole with

Air Motion Transformer

Impedance 16 ohms
Frequency response (room dependant) 25 - 24.000 Hz -3 dB

SPL (1 watt / 1 meter)

86 dB

Power rating

150 Watt

Cross over frequencies

180 / 1.500 Hz
Dimensions 125,5 x 37 x 26 cm

Specification changes permitted

Two large 30cm bass drivers specially developed for ECOUTON are responsible for the low end of the 25 Hz (room and positioning dependant) and 24.000 Hz bandwidth. These take care of the bass up to a 180 Hz cut-off. The two 16cm midrange drivers that control up to 1,500 Hz are equipped with a Kevlar membrane. The midrange units flank the best currently available Air Motion transducers - a tweeter after the principle of Dr. Oscar Heil - from German specialist Mundorf, mounted in d’Appolito array. In addition, the crossover that has sound optimized “Supreme components” in silver/gold quality also supplied by Mundorf. The Dipole speaker has an efficiency of 86dB at 1 watt, 1 meter. It can handle up to 150W input.The Eternal Arts Dipole speaker will be available as an extension to our model range as of March 2010 and will be presented at the ‘High End 2010’ audio fair in Munich.

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