MF Electronic - High End Power Supply Products


MF Electronic produces among other things, high-quality products for power and network filtering that have long been regarded as a inside tip for excellent quality at reasonable price. We cooperate with MFE in high-quality cables, particularly the foil shielded high-end power cord. It is for us the ultimate in power cords, and we equip it to each order of EternalArts OTL amplifier.

The graduate engineer and musician Michael Franks leads MF Electronic for 15 years. His cable, power distribution, power filters and controllers, as well as the phase detector has a very good reputation throughout Europe. MFE represents a consistent quality.

We have looked into the technical and acoustic detail with the influences of the power supply to traditional components and our EternalArts-tube electronics and found that there is no better and cheaper alternative to MFE. That is why in our sales program in terms of power there is only MFE. We can supply all products of the program immediately!

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