Hannl Vinyl Care Plattenwaschmaschinen


Hannl record cleaning machines operate on the suction - principle. The cleaning liquid is applied immediately and completely removed. That way no residues remain behind and will still put your precious vinyl treasures in practically new condition.The cleaning is carried out carefully and with very slow rotation of the head.

Hannl is on the market since 1990. Originally, the record cleaning machine was based on the "Blue Danube" by Christian Bierbaumer, which was continued to be perfected. The secret of success is Hannl to be open to suggestions and requests from customers,and to integrate these with all the expertise in product development. The machines are controlled electronically and are produced mainly from an elegant, high-gloss acrylic glass. The model range was deliberately limited in order to pay more attention to the perfect functioning and development.

We can strongly recommend the Hannl-machines to any vinyl listeners. Therefore, wealso like to sell them as equal technically and stylistically perfect complement to the EternalArts components.

Classical High End