EternalArts Tube Digital Player DP


The EternalArts Tube Digital Player DP is a high-end CD player in combination with a high-quality tube output stage based on the classic model. It has a high-quality sample rate converter and a DA converter from Burr Brown. This multibit D/A converter 24 bit 192 kHz allows a variety of resolutions and conversion rates.

An ingeniously simple operating concept is given by one-button operation on the device and an IR remote control.


Sophisticated down to the last detail

The tube output stage is implemented in a cathode follower circuit with 2 x PC86. The structure is channel-separated on a 70µ double-laminated gold-plated circuit board. The analog signal supplied by the currently best D/A converter Burr Brown PCM 1792A passes through the tube stage with the extremely low-noise PC86 triodes, which are plugged into ceramic sockets and whose supply voltages are elaborately buffered and filtered. New Telefunken Goldpin tubes from old stock are used.

The EternalArts Digital Player is realized in a joint venture with Restek AG and is completely manufactured in Germany.




Classical High End