EternalArts Universal Tape Stage


"Reel-to-reel tape is the new vinyl" - wishful thinking or hype? If you confirm this quote, the return of the tape machine as a classic analog source has not gone unnoticed. Despite their age of 30 and more, a large number of tape machines are still in use today. The high-quality tape machines originally used in professional studios have found their way back or to audiophiles, where, however, often enough they cannot show their actual quality. This topic was important to us to develop the link between a studio machine and the high-end hi-fi system of the audiophile - the EternalArts Universal Tape Stage. The EternalArts Universal Tape Stage ideally connects professional analog tape machines that do not have amplifiers or control instruments with studio peripherals or audiophile high-end hi-fi systems.

Circuit description

Balanced or unbalanced signals are processed in the ‘Tape Stage’ so that the signal level required by all professional tape machines are accurately delivered.The amplif er is absolutely linear with a very high signal-to-noise ratio and minimal crosstalk. Signal levels are optimized using calibrated VU-meters ensuring that recordings are made with the magnetic flux for which the respective machine is set-up (320 or 510 nWb / m). For monitoring, balanced outputs for the EternalArts twin type professional headphone amplifier are provided. When recording using the unbalanced inputs, the sensitivity may be switched from ‘low‘ to highin order to allow a perfect matching of the ‘Tape Stage’ to almost any input level. During playing back using the unbalanced tube output, the output level can be reduced by 6 dB to avoid overloading any other equipment. The VU-meters can be selected to display 0VU=4 dBu or 0VU=6 dBu depending on the signal levels being used. A special feature is the cathode follower PC86 triode valve added to the unbalanced output. This delivers a tonal improvement over the entire frequency range and enhances recordings. Old stocks of new PC86 (NOS) valves have been obtained and are available for future use.

Classical High End